iPhone Apps

Apple iPhone comes with some pre-loaded apps at the time of purchase. It is a good start for the new user but there are thousands of other apps that help increase the usefulness of the iPhone. The apps are available in many categories. Such apps include mobile marketing applications.

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Applications in this category help increase productivity. These applications can be used to create and view different types of documents including text documents, spreadsheets and slides. Applications for working with texts, data, images, graphics and symbols are available. It is possible to set password in a different way with the help of password app. Reminder, Internet browser, and image management programs can be used to increase productivity level. Software to download makes it easy to download any type of file quickly and easily. Information and data present on papers, credit cards, ID cards and business cards can be scanned and converted into digital data. Backup app can be used to keep data secure in cloud.

Utility Tools

These programs are small nifty tools that make life easier. Flashlight app eliminates the need to carry a flashlight. QR code scanner can be used to scan QR codes. Find iPhone app helps find the handset. The iPhone has its own alarm system but there are many other alarm clock apps that provide some additional features. There are programs related to countdown timer, calendar, fonts, voice recorder, web search and ruler. It is easy to schedule plans with the help of schedule planner.

Social Networking

These sites have become very popular all across the world. Millions of people use networking sites to share all types of contents with their known group of people. All social media sites now offer their app. Most features of these sites can be used with the help of an iPhone.


These applications keep the user entertained. The most prominent app in this category is iTunes that can be used to download different types of digital media contents. Movies can be streamed live or downloaded and watched. There are thousands of songs that iPhone users can download from their iPhone. Old and latest episodes of all TV shows can be viewed. Games are one of the most popular apps downloaded from iPhone app store.


Business owners use lots of iPhone apps. Applications let business owners conduct their business more effectively and efficiently. There are tools to view and create different types of documents. Apps in this category include tools for call recording, fax, document scanning, translation, voice to text and mailing solutions among many other programs.

Increasing Handset Usefulness

Many innovative accessories for the iPhone have been launched in recent years. These accessories and devices can be attached to the iPhone to increase its functionality. For example, a simple credit card scanner attached to the iPhone can be used to turn the handset into a point of sale system. A business owner can benefit with such a device. There are special lenses that help take photographs at micro level. Lens attachment to see heat sensitivity of objects is now available.

IPhone apps are available in many other categories including finance, food and drink, games, lifestyle, health and fitness, news, navigation, photo and video, and weather.